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Interview About Animal Communications

What is an Animal Communicator and Pet Psychic Medium Readings

What is an Animal Communicator?

An animal communicator aka pet psychic and medium gives messages about your pets who are alive in the present, or have passed on (mediumship reading).

A pet psychic medium can help answer questions you may have about their health, happiness, or overall well being. Some people want to ask about their pet family who has passed to the other side.

Everyone has a special love for their pets and wants to be the best friend but once in a while, you might be seeking confirmation on what you pet’s needs are with some form of animal communication.

Are Animal Communicators Psychic?

Animal communicators are using their intuition and their psychic and mediumship abilities to give messages, hence the name “Pet Psychic“.
Our pets are guides for us and they use their unconditional love and their heart intelligence to communicate with us. They protect us and have our best interest at heart. They watch out for us and sense if something is wrong.

With my animal communication skills, I have been able to give messages to people that their family pets (cats, dogs, birds, farm animals, any animals) want them to know. Pets have given messages about a person moving to a new home, or giving me the message that their daughter and son are really wanting a pet of their own.

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Farm Animal Communicator and Psychic Readings

Is Animal Communication Natural?

Yes. Animal communication is natural. In fact, it is more natural for animals than humans. Animals are pure unconditional love and they are always communicating freely and easily.

When we open our mind and heart, our pet psychic abilities open and our animal communications becomes easier. I can help you become a better listener to your pets by intuitively tuning into their auric field.

When I check on the health of an animal, I check their emotional well-being, their physical well -being and what they would like from you as their friend. I helped a client detect a stomach bug in her horse, only to be confirmed later by her veterinarian.

Animals have souls just like we do and they are experiencing life’s journey as we all are.

Ready to Schedule a Pet Psychic Reading?

Here’s what to expect:

  1. After payment is made and appointment is scheduled (see scheduling box below)  Cheryl will call you or meet you online on video Skype or Zoon for the appointment UNLESS you are from out of the United States. If you are an international client it is required that you call Cheryl at 970-987-4153.
  2. To prepare for your reading go to the  “How to Prepare for a Reading ” page on my website to learn more about getting ready for your reading with Cheryl or CLICK HERE.
  3. BONUS: Cheryl will record your reading upon request (and you will receive it in your inbox.)

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