Cheryl Murphy - Psychic Medium
Cheryl Murphy

how to prepare for a


intend for the highest good

Following are suggestions to get the most out of a reading with Cheryl:

Write down your questions.

  • How to prepare for a psychic reading or mediumship readingThis helps to focus your energy.
  • The more specific the question, the more specific the answer .
  • Write as many questions as you want, with the 2 most important questions at the top of the list.

Ask for this meeting to be for you highest good.

  • Come with an open mind and open heart.
  • Be open to the messages that come through and give thanks for this special time.

Participate in the reading.

  • Your energy is giving permission for your guides and loved ones to come through.
  • If you need more clarification, please ask.

Drink a glass of water before and after the reading.

Your energy is on a higher vibration during this time and drinking water helps keep the body fluid and replenished.

After the reading, be gentle with yourself.

Give yourself time to relax afterwards.