I was frantic when I sent Cheryl an email requesting help to find my box of silver coins. We were packing to move to another state, and the movers were coming, in the morning. I wanted to find them and keep them with me but I forgot which box I packed them in. There were a gazillion boxes all throughout the house in every room. I was frustrated because my husband and I had been looking for hours on end for it instead of packing what was left to be done! Cheryl told me to look for red velvet on a shelf with a box that had pictures of electrical cords on it. I knew exactly where that was. I went to the kitchen by the back door and there it was! Sitting on a shelf covered in red velvet, with a box that had pictures of cords on it! My husband stood next to me shocked and amazed! I was so happy! I felt so much relief! I knew Cheryl could tell us where it was. If you can’t find something… email Cheryl!!! Diane B. And Dennis B. 8/22/21