Set Your Dreams in Motion with this Month's New Moon


With the advent of every new moon comes the opportunity to “Set Your Dreams in Motion”.  By setting intentions for your life this coming month you are focusing your heartfelt intentions for your life that creation can’t help but to deliver to you in all its magnificence.

This month’s new moon is on January 20, 2015

The new moon is a time for new beginnings. Did you know that creating wishes and goals every month are excellent steps that move you forward on your path to attracting abundance and prosperity?

Weather you are asking for closer relationships, success with a new business or an increase in finances, the new moon is the date to watch on your calendar. It’s the time to make a fresh start and begin new endeavors.

This new moon as with every new moon, make a list of 10 wishes or goals that you want to manifest. The act of writing it down on paper is the next step to manifestation. Your focus and intention bring the energy of these ideals into physical form.

Make your list on the day of the new moon or up to 3 days after. Make your list look fabulous! Use your own stationary, your favorite pen or draw a design that would express love and gratitude to the universe.

You are the Imagineer!



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