This month is a time to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit!

It’s a time of releasing old energies and receiving new ideas, new information and new insight.

What in your life is bugging you or what unwanted beliefs would you like to get rid of? What would you like to change?

1. We need courage to release what we don’t need. Begin by taking baby steps. Clear clutter in your home by donating old clothing and household items. This act of kindness and generosity lifts your vibration. Giving away items that no longer serve you, will boost your energy and your outlook in a positive way.

2. Perhaps you have old beliefs that no longer serve you. Maybe you want to remove fear around something specific? One way to release these negative thoughts is to visualize or imagine placing them in a balloon, and watch them float away….allowing you to feel open to receiving new ideas around manifesting your heart’s desires.

3. What is your vision for your life? Do you take the time each day to create your life through visualizing and seeing yourself attracting an abundance of love? In your next meditation, see yourself achieving, enjoying and appreciating all that you have become. Be grateful for the love that you are able to receive and the love you share with others. 


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