1. They appear in your Sleep State.

The most common way your loved ones use to reach you from the other side is through the sleep state, called spirit visitations. When you are sleeping, your subconscious is open to receiving messages and experiences. Many people dream of their loved ones and tell me that the experience was so real, it was as if their loved was right there in the room with them. This visitation is an effective way for them to reach you. They may not say anything verbally, it may be a telepathic type of communication. The love they have for you is very real and can be overwhelming. This connection is a feeling immense love and there is no fear whatsoever. You feel this love through your heart to heart connection with them. Messages from your loved ones let you they are OK on the other side and they love you very much.

2. Your deceased loved ones may connect with you through SIGHT.

People tell me they see their loved out of the corner of they eye, or they see a light or a shadow and they intuitively feel it might be their deceased loved one. Sometimes when we speak fondly of our loved ones on the other side, they appear as a bright flash or twinkle in the room.

We may see our loved ones in our mind’s eye. For example, in your meditations, if your deceased uncle had a favorite chair where he read the newspaper each morning, you may have a vision of seeing him sitting in his chair relaxing and reading the newspaper again.

These signs are for us to notice. They are for our benefit that our loved ones are close by and want us to know they are with us.

3. You recognize their distinctive fragrance or Scent.

The ability to smell the fragrance from a deceased loved one or Spirit is called clairgustance.

Spirit connects with us through scent. You may smell cigar smoke or their favorite perfume. If they enjoyed cooking, you may taste or smell their favorite dish. These manifestations of scent are not to be overlooked or taken lightly. Recognize, appreciate and acknowledge your loved ones are connecting with you.


4. You may Sense or Feel their presence.

Our loved are close to us and watch us as we go through the day doing our usual activities. They f22b58c49585cb103b1b2998d1821939watch over our children and let us know they are here with us anyway that is possible. 

You may feel them next to you in the kitchen while you are cooking and cleaning. They enjoy being with us when we are reading or writing. Many people feel their loved ones in their bedrooms either sitting in a chair or lying next to them.

Your loved ones can also come to you through the sense of touch. Many people feel them standing behind them, or even feeling a soft breeze or sensation around their neck and ear.

Try this exercise: Open the palm of your hand and ask them to hold hands with you. It is amazing how you will feel a difference in energy. Your hand might feel warmer or cooler and you will notice heavier or a lighter vibration. Either way, it always works!


5. Spirit moves through Electricity

For those on the other side, electrical objects seem to be easy for them to manipulate. Lights may flicker that have never before, objects go missing or they have been moved. 

Your loved ones send you messages through songs on the radio that were meaningful to them or to you. Your phone may ring several times from unknown phone numbers. 


Watch for synchronicity.

The signs and symbols will come to you and it’s possible that you may receive 2 or more at the same time.

Spirit comes to us in a variety of ways and the more out of the ordinary, the more extraordinary! 

Open your awareness that anything is possible and experience the amazing connection your loved ones have with you from the other side. Their love lives on and is always with you.





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