Have you ever met an angel?  That special experience where  a person walks into your life at the right moment, says the right thing, and you never see them again. Yet they have left the most memorable experience that you have not forgotten to this day. They may appear to you in physical form only for a brief moment to give you a message. Then they are gone, and only after they leave does it cross your mind that you may have just met an angel who gave you exactly what you needed at that moment.

Angels are all around us. Do you see or sense them around you? Angels are there all the time. When you are driving, they are your co-pilot, sometimes flying along side your car. When you are playing with your children, they are dancing in delight at the energy and joy. They are helpful and happy to provide guidance and healing. Think of them as your spiritual advisors, amazing teachers and best friends.

Angels are spiritual beings of light . The word “Angel” comes from the greek  word, angelos, literally “messenger.”angelpsychic

They are pure unconditional love and completely non- judgmental. They come here to love and support you. They know your present situation, can provide guidance for your future, know what you’re going through, and what you need at any particular time.

You may have questions about your career, where to live, about your health, or how to bring comfort and healing to a friend or family member. Ask your angels.

Many people  tell me that they feel their angels trying to communicate with them, but are not sure what signs to look for.

I can help you recognize many of the signs and messages from your angels.

One of the easiest way for angels to send us messages is through our dream state. When we sleep, our body is resting and we are more open to receiving their divine wisdom and guidance. Another way to receive messages  from your angels is through meditation. This practice opens your intuition to incoming signs and symbols from your angels, when your mind is quiet and you sit in stillness and silence.

You can also experience angels’s messages when you are awake. One day when I was driving, I experienced a message from my angels and talked to them just like I was talking to a friend in the passenger seat. A warm breeze blew through my car and the hair on my forearms stood tall. I heard them say to me, “Watch the magic of the universe.” An unforgettable experience! Their vibration was unlike anything I had felt before. They knew what was on my mind and that was the perfect message. Angels see the bigger picture of what we’re going through, and support us through messages of hope and  guidance.

Tune in Your “A Team”

Another way angels communicate is through animals. Often when I suspect my angels are near, my dog will bark. One of my clients noticed after her father passed that she began seeing birds flying in groups of three in a circle above her. Her father loved watching birds from his back porch in the early morning. The birds above her were a sign that her loved one on the other side was still with her. She even found a feather in her bed on night before turning in. Her father is now a guardian angel for her and she has become attuned to the signs and messages from her angels.

Angels also send us messages through numbers and music. When you have the experience of seeing the same numbers repeatedly throughout the day, such as the clock on 11:11, make a wish and say hello to the angels! My angels talked to me the other day by using the number 222. I was driving to the grocery store and the license plate in front of me read 222, just then the school bus to my right had the bus number  222 written across the side. Later that day, my treadmill read 222 calories ….  Just when my clock read 2:22pm, oh my gosh!


 Angels are among us each and everyday and will always come when you ask.

Invite them to provide the spiritual growth that you need at a particular moment. You may ask them for a spiritual healing for yourself or for someone else, ask them to open and balance your energy field and they will shower you with grace and compassion.  You have invited a spiritual healing that can lift and remove any worry or anxiety… just give it to your “A Team,” your Angel Team. There are no limits to how much an angel can help you in your life. They love you unconditionally and will support you through even the toughest storms.


How to ask your angels and connect? 

Write  down a question to your angels… and then look for the answer throughout the next few days. Meditate in the morning and ask them to connect with you. Your angels love and support you. It is with pure joy that your angels come to help you . They will help you feel safe when you are scared, loved when you feel unwanted and guided when you do not see the way. Tune in to their frequency!

Give thanks everyday that your Angels are with you. By acknowledging their presence and offering sincere gratitude, it will be easier to sense their presence and be open to receive their messages. Say a prayer to thank them for coming and helping with your life. Know that for every goal and dream you desire, you have an angel standing by your side waiting to assist you and give you a sign that says,” Watch the Magic of the Universe!”

If you had an angel encounter, please tell me about it. If you like this topic and would like to know more about Angels, please send your questions to:   cheryl@psychicmediumcherylmurphy.com


Peace and blessings,


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