A Grateful New Year


Dear Friends,


WOW!!! What a start to the new year. Have you been feeling it these last couple of weeks? An acceleration of energy, an excitement and an awakening for so many people. You can feel the anticipation moving into another year of possibilities and endless adventures in the air. 

You can manifest anything you want! You have an clean slate called 2016 which you can write and manifest your greatest wishes and most joyous experiences.

We are all pointed in the right direction and there is a sense that many people are opening up to a greater conscious alignment. What a time to manifest our dreams!  

The message my guides want you to know is:  DREAM BIGGER.


Screen-Shot-2013-03-15-at-00.39.111I wanted to share with you a recent experience.   

I had a spirit visitation from my older brother Gregg, who passed away several years ago. 

He came to me in my dream state on New Year’s Eve evening. In my sleep state, I saw him walk into my bedroom and sit on the end of my bed. He was much taller than when he was in his physical body.  He was now in his spirit body. I recognized his face and his hair was the same, brown and wavy. There was a glow around him. From the shoulders down, he wore a long gown or a robe that was light blue in color.

 He told me that he was here the night before, as well. He came to check on me. He told me he was going to also check on our mother. After (what I thought) was a few minutes, I saw him get up and leave my bedroom and walk down the hall of my mother’s house toward her bedroom to check on her. As I woke from my sleep state the next morning, I immediately recalled the experience. I know that I received a blessing that evening from my brother, and I felt the room was filled with grace. I had experienced a spirit visitation from my brother at the beginning of the new year! Thanks Gregg!


Take some time this month to reflect on how you have grown this last year.Pleides copy

Look at all you’ve experienced and accomplished. All the new people you have met and the new friends you have made.

For 2016, call in all your angels, all the wizards, all your guides and guardians. 

Call in all the ascended masters, all of your teachers and all the healers. 

They will come running to your light. 

They will rejoice in your expansion of love and they too will be in awe of your being.

Create 2016 with gratitude and watch the magic of the universe!



In love,