Sometimes in my work as a medium, the spirit world will intuitively show me signs and symbols of love and hope, to be given to the person receiving the reading.

 These joyful signs are a way of saying,  “Hello!” “I Love you!” or  perhaps, “You’re on the right track!”
 As a spiritual medium, it is always a special gift to me when I see the same signs as I go about my day. It is validation and spirit’s way of getting our attention. Not only did the client get a sign from her loved one on the other side, but now and then I am also honored with the privilege of receiving a similar sign.

A recent example was a reading I gave last month. The woman I was working with, had recently lost her husband. When I connected with his energy, I sensed an impression through my clairvoyance, he was going to send her feathers as a sign of his love for her.

It was validation for her, because she had just purchased a feather down comforter. Furthermore, she confirmed many items in their home had to do with their love of birds.

Your loved ones, who have crossed over, are with you and they can feel the enormous amount of love you have for them. 

Later that same day on the way to my mailbox, I saw a feather floating through the breeze images-1-2and landed on the ground around me. I knew it was a symbol of thanks from her deceased husband.

That is one of the many ways how spirit speaks to us. Through our everyday lives, the spirit world uses signs and symbols that we can understand.

Keep your eyes open to the extraordinary ways your departed loved ones are communicating with you. More examples of signs and symbols may include; always finding coins, seeing rainbows or hearing a favorite song on the radio.