How to Become a Psychic & Build Your Psychic Muscle

Online Psychic Class



A Foundational 4- Lesson Course for Igniting Your Psychic Ability 

with Clairvoyant Psychic & 

Spiritual Medium, Cheryl Murphy

Do you think you may have a special ability to communicate

with Spirit, but lack the tools to strengthen the connection for


Would you like to learn how to deepen your experience and

understanding of your psychic and mediumship capabilities?

In this online course, Cheryl will teach you the techniques and process to help develop your psychic senses  and elevate your higher awareness of Spirit.

Through spiritual exercises and guided meditations, you will gather more practical ways to build  and increase your psychic abilities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn tools and techniques that you can use in your psychic development training. Weather you are interested in using these tools for personal or professional use, you will walk away with exercises and techniques that you can continue to practice at home. 

Lesson 1: Relax

*The 7 Major Chakras

*Learn techniques on how to relax into your psychic gifts through meditation and grounding

*The Power of your intention

*How to communicate with Spirit,

*The Clair’s




Lesson 2: Release

*How to Nourish and cleanse your spirit

*Cleanse your home, energetically

 *How to expand and strengthen your auric field

 *How to connect to your Spirit Guide


                                          Lesson 3: Rejuvenate

*Preparing you sacred space

*How to raise your vibration

*Color and vibration

*Automatic Writing

*Temple meditation

Lesson 4: Receive

*Review Automatic Writing

*Psychometry, energy in object

*Remote Healing

*Detachment Exercise 

*Psychic protection – safety & etiquette

This course will enhance your psychic muscle in a safe and gentle process and unfold your intuitive abilities.

What’s Included in this Course:

*4 online classes each over 1 hour in length 

*At the end of each lesson, you will receive a psychic muscle fitness program

which includes a psychic warm-up and a psychic cool-down exercise.

*A list of psychic muscle building affirmations to help activate and lift your  psychic vibration.

Available exclusively on this site, this multimedia course will provide you with:

I guarantee satisfaction in three ways:

1. Quality — The information is accurate and pertinent

2. Results — I guarantee this will help you or you don’t pay

3. Impact on your Life — My goal is to assist you, if it doesn’t, you don’t pay

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