If you’ve lost a loved one recently, or even if the loss of a loved one from many years ago is still painful to you, you might be interested in connecting with them on the other side. Oftentimes, connecting with a loved one who has passed can help people who are dealing with their grief find peace and closure. Once you make contact, you’ll know that your loved one is safe and happy, and you’ll be able to breathe a little easier each day.

The method that psychic mediums use to connect to the other side comes through the development of their “Clair” senses or sixth sense. From the Latin term “clair,” meaning clear, is the most natural way when it comes to connecting with the other side. Psychic mediums may use one or more of their clair senses, which are a bit like radio waves, as Rebecca Rosen, writing on Oprah.com, notes. Experts like me can focus their psychic medium energy on senses like feeling, seeing and hearing.

Clair Sentience (Clear Feeling)

A psychic medium starts by opening his or her awareness so that they can have a clear feeling of you and the spirit world. Step one in this process is for the psychic medium to connect with the person who is still on this earth and allowing the unfoldment of the individual’s loved ones on the other side to come through and give a message. When the psychic medium can feel or sense the subtle energies shifts, a connection to the spirit world has been made.

Clair Voyance (Clear Seeing)

Once the psychic medium has established a connection, they’ll use their ability to see clearly to understand who it is that you’re hoping to contact. By connecting with you, they’ll be able to see the person you’re missing more clearly, as if he or she were standing in the room next to you right now. This will help refine and guide the search for that person in the other side to help connect you to what they have to say.

Clair Audience (Clear Hearing)

Finally, a psychic medium may hear a word, name or phrase from the person on the other side and will translate their message or emotions back to you. We call this “clear hearing,” which can be subjective inner hearing or objective, when the medium hears the voice out loud, such as when we hear our name being called and turn around only to find no one there. Because of the psychic medium’s ability to interpret the meaning of what is being sent from the other side, it is crucial to helping you communicate and understand what is meant for you to hear or know.

If you are trying to get closure or just connect with a loved one who has passed, working with a psychic medium might be the right step for you. Call me today at 970-987-4153 to learn more. I can help you more clearly understand the potential benefits of connecting with the other side with the help of a medium and can discuss your options with you. Learn more about communicating with your loved ones who have passed online now or call me today to schedule an appointment.