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I’d like to start off wishing you a happy new year and hoping that you are having a wonderful holiday season. I’d like to share with you a learning experience from a very talented teacher that I benefited from. Tony Stockwell is a wonderful person and a gifted medium. GetAttachment-1.aspx

Tony teaches about becoming more sensitive to the spirit world and it’s subtle energies.  It is about opening up to spirit, that comes in the form of an embrace. My experience having studied with Tony Stockwell have made me more in touch with my intuitive surroundings and more clear about tuning in, what it feels like, and what to expect.

Trance mediumship is the ability to allow spirits to come close and even trans-figure the medium’s face and arms. This practice goes back to early human history and became popular in the 19th century.

Trance mediumship can augment other forms of mediumship, such as physical mediumship and mental mediumship. Physical mediumship can be seeing manifestations of physical objects, or hearing raps and noises. Mental mediumship is using telepathy or psychic senses of hearing or seeing messages from spirit. When we feel the presence of spirit around us and coming through us to give information, this is a practice of trance mediumship.

I learned from Tony the subtleness of spirit’s energies, and how to allow the wondrous information that they are ready to share come through. I have incorporated these teachings into my work as a spiritual medium, where I assist people who want to connect to their loved ones on the other side. By allowing, inviting, and encouraging spirit friends to come close to me, I am able to sense more of their presence and communicate their love and healing guidance to their relatives here on earth. I feel their spiritual hand on my shoulder or like a spiritual cloak gently placed on my shoulders, which tells me they are ready to communicate.

Tony is a down to earth person with extraordinary mediumship skills. His knowledge and experience about the spirit world is contagious, and his delightful personality beams when he is teaching.

He encouraged us to question everything, from the metaphysical books we read, to knowing and reviewing our own beliefs, thoughts and opinions. Tony recommended doing what works for you and to choose your own method of connecting and receiving messages from spirit.

He shared with us his own experiences and what he came to believe were his own truths. He made himself available during breaks to answer our questions and even joined us in the sanctuary for meditation before our classes. Through his teachings, I have learned that spirit communication is a blending of energies, yours and the spirits, welcoming them to come close. When we do this, we will receive profound messages of healing both verbal and non verbal.

Tony taught something called the Peace Walk. It is an exercise about blending the subtle energies of spirit by moving our physical body in a slow, methodical step by step dance. You can do this exercise with your eyes open or closed. Put on some beautiful music that you like to meditate with or find very soothing, and has a lovely soft rhythm.

It’s right, left, right sway back on your left. Next, take a step forward with your left, right, left and sway back on your right. It’s a swaying feeling. Take your time. This peace walk may last anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour. You may find yourself walking or just taking a few steps for your meditation. If you can, have a partner or friend you’re going to meditate with, join you. We had a group so we put our right hand on the left shoulder of the person in front of us. We then began the walk and became in synch, all with the same rhythm. This is a  lovely meditation. I certainly enjoyed learning how to dance with spirit.

You can certainly peace walk in your garden. You can do this peace walk out with nature. You can even probably do this out when you’re shopping in the mall, you may find yourself taking a step front and back and just connecting with your spirit guides.

Tony taught us the ways that we can connect to spirit through trance mediumship. He shared many of his insights into wonderful meditation songs. This gave me more abilities and tools to help my clients.

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