Getting Grounded Helps Raise Your Psychic Abilites

Want to Know How to Raise Your Psychic Abilites Being grounded always helps you relax and feel more centered. Grounding helps root yourself to Mother Earth which in turn, helps lift your vibration. When you are grounded, this means that both of your feet are rooted on this earth. It is important to realize how much healing  we receive from Mother Earth. You can raise your vibration  and psychic abilities by first, getting grounded.


Try this exercise:

*Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

*Begin by imagining roots of  light energy(any color you prefer) coming out of the bottom of  your feet going down to the center of the earth and wrapping your roots of energy around the large rocks and crystals in the center of Mother Earth.

*Now draw that earth energy back up through the bottom of your feet  drawing that energy up through your legs, hips, torso up to your heart area.

*Now, imagine the white light energy from above  and bring that light energy down through the top of your head meeting in your heart area.

* Feel both energies uniting in your heart .

*Open your eyes and feel your presence.

This grounding exercise helps  remind you to live in your heart. Walking this earth with your feet on the ground while staying connected to your intuitive guidance, helps you stay centered.

You can also ground yourself by walking in nature, gardening, petting and loving your animals. Also, Yoga and Tai Chi are practices that help you feel grounded and in your body.

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