Fork in the Road? How to prepare for a psychic reading with Cheryl

How do you know how to trust your sixth sense?

When you arrive at a fork in the road how is it that you instinctively know whether to go right instead of left? You are more sensitive than you think. You do have your own higher guidance system, and yes you are co- creating your life at this very moment. We have 5 physical senses, such as our sight, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. We also have intuitive senses, which is our sixth sense. You are using your sixth sense all day long, even if you aren’t aware that you are.

What is our sixth sense?

It is your intuition. It is that inclination that arises when you are looking for direction in your life.  It feels as if there is a guardian angel on your shoulder guiding you with words of advice and encouragement. Intuition comes (to us) in feelings and spontaneous thoughts.Your sixth sense is located all around and inside you. It is your inner compass that is always turned on to help you live life with joy!

Your sixth sense is also there to protect you and help keep you out of harm’s way. It is that heightened awareness we receive when danger may be ahead. When you are crossing the road and sense a car coming even if you have not seen it yet. It is also there to help make decisions. The correct choice just seems to feel better for us. Trusting your sixth sense can help you when you are near people with negative energy. When you meet someone who does not feel trustworthy, it is telling you to leave the situation. Even an old building that contains negative energy can make you feel uncomfortable  want to leave as soon as possible.

Following your intuition can lead you to the answers in a harmonious flow of ease and grace.


         Use Your Gut Instinct. Trust your hunches. If you have that negative feeling at the bottom of your stomach, use that as a “no” answer from your intuition.   Following your gut instinct can be a good navigator

49798e6587fc193ac79752ada0e22019 Feel Your Intuition.Ask yourself, how does this make me feel? Go with the better feeling to know which direction is for your highest good. Your intuition can feel like a good vibration that comes from within your being. Do you ever get goose bumps when you feel that you are hearing someone speak the truth, or when you hear a song on the radio that feels so familiar that it moves like electricity through your body? Your intuition feels like Truth speaking to your soul.

Go With the Flow. Imagine yourself in a canoe on a calm river.When you find yourself paddling upstream, you are resisting. Let go of the paddles and let your canoe float down stream, use your paddles for steering or maneuvering. When the questions you’re addressing feel like you are having to push to get the results you want, let the river of intuition guide you. When you are using your intuitive abilities the answers flow from the questions you have.
Look for Signs and Symbols. There are no coincidences.  When you see synchronistic events such as repetitive numbers or hearing words that are the exact message you need to hear at that moment, don’t write them off. Believe your intuition is guiding you and signaling that you are on the right path.
Be Open. When you are using your intuitive abilities the answers flow from the questions you have.images-6
Breathe. Many people hold their breath or breathe in a shallow manner when facing a difficult decision. Breathing deeply opens the channels of communication and inspiration.  A good practice to help you receive messages from your higher guidance and trust your sixth sense is to first take a deep breathe in all the way down to your belly. Exhale as much as possible too. It is just as important.
Meditate. Tune into your inner voice. Spending time in meditation. Begin with 10 min a day. Find a place to meditate. Take a walk, listen to soft music, sit quietly and recite a mantra for the first few minutes, such as “love.” Mediation helps quiet the mind from the day to day thoughts and allows your intuition to come forward.
Trusting your intuition takes practice. It is about letting go and receiving the information coming through. Lean into it a little bit more each day. It’s flexing your intuitive muscles to strengthen your natural ability.
Like anything else, the more you do it, the better you will become at it, the more you will be able to rely on and enjoy it.
It is very rewarding and empowering to use your sixth sense. That is who you are, naturally. Knowing that you helped yourself, or have used it to help someone else, will make you happier and stronger in your co-creating experience with the universe.
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Cheryl Murphy Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant PsychicCheryl Murphy is a Gifted Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. She is a heart centered healer and intuitive who helps many with key life issues. Her spiritual readings help those who suffer from grief and mourning and care to connect to loved ones that have passed. Her love psychic readings provide love help and assistance with issues dealing with love and relationships. If you are at a fork in the road, she can help make a decision by connecting you with your spirit guides, who here to assist you at important cross roads.

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