When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.

-Anthony Robbins


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a workshop at The Center for Spiritual Living, where May McCarthy taught us about Unknown-3manifesting from a place of Gratitude. May guides you through exercises such as writing a gratitude letter. Such exercises, along with the special ingredient of the emotional juice you add, really anchors and makes this process resonate.

May has created several successful companies. In her new book, The Path to Wealth, she describes how she developed a connection to the Source of Intuition as a success tool. She also explains how to ask for higher guidance so you can be open to hunches, gut feelings and signs, also called leads.

May credits her major successes to her partnership with the Source of her Intuition, the CSO, Chief Spiritual Officer. Our CSO is the all-knowing power of the universe -we call Infinite Intelligence, the Universe, Truth, God, Spirit, etc.



What I enjoyed about reading her book and attending her workshop is that she teaches how to manifest wealth into your life. This can be wealth of love or wealth of financial freedom. It is your choice on what you want to attract. Perhaps you want to attract a new job or optimal health and fitness. She gives you the tools to achieve it.

You are creating a successful partnership with the Source of  YOUR  Intuition.

-May McCarthy


One of the highlights for me was, “The Forgiveness or “Giving Forth” Prayer.” This is a prayer where we forgive ourselves and others in order to, “Experience a higher and greater good in our lives.”

For more information about May McCarthy and her workshops, please visit:  www.maymccarthy.com.



With Gratitude,