Prayer is Eternal

Your prayers of love, hope and peace are powerful vibrations that can fill our planet, our hearts, and our lives with elevated inspirations of dreams and goals coming true.

One of the many questions I am asked is, “Do our loved ones who have crossed over know that we are praying for them?”

It is a resounding,”YES!”

As a spiritual medium, when I connect with loved ones on the other side, they acknowledge and give me the sense they know and receive everyone of the prayers meant for them.

Your prayers are a form of love that doesn’t evaporate or become less effective. When you pray for your departed loved ones, they continue to receive the grace from which it was given.

When we pray for our loved ones on the other side, those prayers do not go away. We don’t say them once and it’s over.

Prayers do not have a shelf life or an expiration date.They do not disappear or become less powerful. Prayers are eternal.

Love is eternal.

Keep praying for your loved ones as these sacred messages stay with them and they feel the love and the intention within the prayer. The love you have for them is eternal.The love they have for you is eternal.

Have you noticed that some of your prayers from years ago are now coming true for you? Why now and not then? There is of course divine timing, but often it’s that you’re more open to receiving without resistance.

When you sense, feel or think of your loved ones that have passed, it is as if they have sent you an invitation to connect with them and when you open that invitation you are sending an R.S.V.P. that acknowledges their contact.

Your loved ones are just a thought away.


I wish you love and happiness.