It is an exciting time for the month of August. The solar eclipse was yesterday and so was the beginning of the new moon.

This is a time of letting go in order to rise up. This month particularly, letting go of old beliefs, thoughts, ideas.

When we raise our consciousness, it is natural that we must release anything that we no longer need.

The more we can tap into our feelings and emotions and get to know ourself, the more we can open and expand our greater knowing of Self.

Some ideas :

  1. Begin by letting go and surrendering. We are being asked to get rid of things we’ve been holding onto. Try it. Start with the physical world, getting rid of old cloths, magazines, etc. Donate items that you no longer need is an immediate pathway to feeling lighter. Next, move toward forgiving yourself and others. Surrender and let the weight you carry on your shoulders go.
  2. Open your heart and see through the eyes of Compassion. Act Compassionately. Be compassionate with yourself and others.
  3. Breathe in Peace. In your next meditation, pay attention to your breath as it moves down into your belly and exhale. With each breath say to yourself, “I feel love, I feel Love.”  Love heals all.
  4. Live your dreams! Do one thing today that will move you closer to manifesting your dreams. Write it down in your journal to bring that dream into manifestation. Tell someone your dream. Speak your dream out loud and use your voice to call it in from the universe.