Grounding Your Energy



 Grounding is an important part of

your spiritual practice.

It helps build your spiritual foundation to opening your auric field in a safe, balanced manner to help you connect to your guides.

Grounding is the practice of connecting your energy field(aura) to the earth using your body’s energy centers, starting with the root chakra.

Begin each day and each meditation by grounding yourself to Mother Earth


Grounding helps raise your vibration!grounding

When you are fully connected to the earth, you now have the ability and the energy to lift your vibration to receive messages from spirit. When we are grounded, we can receive these messages from our guides more clearly and use them in our everyday life.


 Visualization and Meditation Exercise:

One of the most popular and effective exercises is to imagine  roots of energy coming out of the bottoms of your feet, just like roots on a tree. Imagine you are like an oak tree, for example, and send your roots of energy down into the soil of the earth. You are sending your energy out the bottoms of your feet all the way down to the center of Mother Earth,  which is full of unconditional love. See that energy wrapping around the center of the crystals and rocks and the core of the earth. Next draw the Mother Earth energy up through your feet and bring it up to your  ankles, legs, hips, torso and into your heart. Feel this earth energy opening your root chakra, sacral, solar plexus area and heart. This energy is healing balancing and empowering your entire body.

Next, feel divine white light showering down through your crown chakra, located on the top of your head. This shimmering light pours down to your third eye or 6th chakra and down to your throat area, 5th chakra, meeting in your heart area, 4th chakra. Now you have the divine energy and the earth energy in your heart.

A more advanced technique to add to this exercise is to open the base of your spine and let the energy move out of the base of your spine and see it as a cord of light or a root of light like a tree. Let this cord of energy flow down the center of the earth securing to Mother Earth.

This is a wonderful exercise to do everyday, even before you leave the house.

Grounding has many benefits:

*helps you feel centered, connected and in the present moment
*promotes peace and harmony
*opens your psychic senses in preparation to receive spirit’s messages 


If you ever get anxious, nervous or find it hard to make a decision, practice this exercise.

This energy balancing technique will give you a sense of peace, stability and clarity around any situation you may find difficult to solve.






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