Intuitive Communication with Animals


Animals are incredible teachers of unconditional love and when we learn to be better IMG_0526-5receivers of their messages, we can actually grow in our own intuition and higher guidance. Animals speak to us all the time. They are tuned into our energy. They  have a keen sense of how we are feeling and they sense our vibrations. They can tell if we have lots of energy or when our energy is low. They are communicating to us all the time through their behavior and sound. We need to learn how to better communicate and with them and we can do this by opening our intuitive psychic senses.

Telepathy is a common way to communicate to animals. Have you ever had the thought,” I think I’ll take my dog for a walk now,” and they come running up to you as if you said it out loud? You did tell them in thought. When you want to teach your dog a new behavior, not only show them, but tell them in your mind and watch them perform this activity with flying colors. Visualization is another way to communicate to your pets.

We are spiritually connected to animals.

Our pets, for example, are our companions in this physical lifetime and often have been a pet of ours in past lifetimes. We have a soul to soul connection with these amazing creatures. Animals have souls and are evolving, learning, growing just as we are. They have lessons to learn here on earth just as we do.

They protect us, influence us and want us to take care of ourselves the best that we can.

They are our eyes and ears to warn against a possible dangerous situation ahead.

I was walking my dog Tiger through our neighborhood park and wanted to take a shortcut to get back home quickly as I had lost track of time.

He did not want to go that way and was pulling on his leash to continue on our regular route. I insisted on the shortcut and sure enough within only a few minutes, a dog came running out of one of the houses and nipped Tiger in the back leg.  Tiger had known something was up… sensing that this particular street was not safe for him. Fortunately, he was not severely injured. I learned alot from Tiger that day. When your pet’s behavior is unusual, pay attention. They may be sensing that danger is ahead for them or for you.


What is your animal thinking?

People ask me for help determining if it’s the right time to help their animal pass to the other side. And will their pet be alright ?Does their pet understand what is happening at the end of their life and are they in pain? I connect with their pet’s energy field and help give their messages to their owners.

How is your animal feeling? 

I have helped heal injuries on horses that weren’t responding to regular treatment. Pet owners worry that their care for their pets is not correct. Often I can offer reassurance that they are on the right track. I am blessed helping people and animals in this way.

Pets on the other side:

I help people communicate with their pet in the afterlife. Animals that have past certainly have a very high vibration when I sit with their owner for a spirit communication session. The animal that past is full of life and most often stays around the owners energy field to bring comfort and aid. The pet that has passed over, will want their owner to get a new pet eventually, and will even give spiritual help to the new pet. When the owner brings a new pet home, the spirit energy of the deceased pet will shower love and playfulness into the atmosphere helping the new comer feel at home.

Animals can communicate by sending mental pictures. My dog, Tiger sent me a picture of a house with trees on either side of the front door of a white house  when we were just beginning to look for a new home. When we found our new home, to my pleasant surprise, it had 2 trees on either side of the front door. Although it had been recently been painted, the former color indeed had been white.

Animal Communicators help you understand what your pets are feeling

Animals are loyal and can even be life savers. Tiger barked loudly to wake me when my father was not feeling well and couldn’t call out to me.

I was able to immediately call for an ambulance for help.

Treat your animal with respect, they will do the same in return.

It is a gift for me to intuitively communicate with your beloved pets that are here on earth or on the other side to help bring more understanding and higher awareness to finding peace and comfort.


If you have a spiritual pet story that you would like to share or if you have any questions on  how  to communicate better with animals,  send them to my email address below.

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