Hello Friends,
  I would like to share with you a letter written by my client, Nancy. We had an amazing experience connecting with her loved one on the other side.

I was in the deep pit of grief for the 7th month straight, having lost
my soul mate of 37 years. IMG_5525I couldn’t help it.  I was holding off on calling a Spiritual Medium, as I
was a bit skeptical, but, drowning in grief, I called Cheryl.

First thing she told me was to light a candle and write a letter to my Love.
The candle serves as an intention to get in touch.

Having done that, and letters, I began to notice, unmistakably, his presence. He was a musician and electrician. Cheryl, came over and picked up on many things in the house, having never been here… ” The lamp that has been flickering”, she said, was “him” even though the lamp was not on. How did she know?

The chandelier we made together, began to swing slightly
for no reason.   Many things like that she spoke of.  I’ve received
such happiness noticing these things, only as he would do them.

On shutting down my computer the other night, a music file popped up,
oddly. I pressed “play” and he serenated me with his music for an
hour, 1 song after another, (as he used to do).   Then about a week
later, again shutting down my computer, another music file popped up,
and was his lovely version of You are my Sunshine.  So sweet and
appropriate, I again pressed “shut down”, and Cheryl’s web page was
there, full on the screen, and all I saw was “speaking to the dead”. I knew that both the song and this web page was his dear message to me.

Cheryl had predicted that I’d get a letter, in a colored envelope. dscn2961

An aged and yellowed envelope caught my eye, that has been at my bedside since 1986.  For some reason, I took notice and looked inside, to find a strip of negatives.  I had them printed to find 4 lovely pictures that I haven’t seen (or remember seeing in 29 years). 

The love that has been able to reignite in me, feeling and knowing that he is near and cares as much as I do -still,  is incredible.  I no longer feel a loss, but our love. I’m so grateful for Cheryl and her abilities and help.  She is sensational.

Nancy, (California)

 Our loved ones on the other side speak to us in so many different ways. They use their talents and skills they had on earth, to give us signs. Ron, being a musician and electrician used music and lights as some of the ways to get Nancy’s attention.

Be open to signs, however obvious or unusual. Be open and accepting of it all and it will help guide you on your path to healing.



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