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Set Your Dreams in Motion with this Month's New Moon

With the advent of every new moon comes the opportunity to “Set Your Dreams in Motion”.  By setting intentions for your life this coming month you are focusing your heartfelt intentions for your life that creation can’t help but to deliver to you in all its magnificence.

This month’s new moon is on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 @ 7:07AM, MST.

The new moon each month is a time for planting seeds toward manifesting your dreams and desires. Take advantage of this energy every month to assist you in opening doors to what you truly want to attract.

When we begin to follow the natural rhythms of the lunar cycles, we find it enhances our magnetic flow around the goals we set.

It’s time to manifest with intention.

You are ready to excel, thrive and realize the power within you.

Be specific on your wishlist this month. Fine tune those insights and describe in writing exactly what you want to create for yourself.

Write your 10 wishes today or within 72 hours of this fertile new moon energy.

This Gemini new moon activates energy around the intellect and learning. If you are looking for a new job or taking a new class, look forward to more propulsion and momentum with this month’s new moon. Expect greater communication and better decisions around business to occur.

If you want to create more confidence or creativity, for example, make them part of your 10 wishes.
If you want to bring more love and joy in your relationships, write that down too.

Create from the inside out!

Make your dreams and desires a priority! The new moon will help energize the Law of Attraction into motion.

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