Caring for Your Pet

Archangel Ariel is known as the angel of nature and animals. Ariel 1ff87b3d0830f06e4853fca56ef5241fmeans “altar” or “lion of God.”

She oversees the healing and protection of animals. If your pet needs a healing or if you are considering a new pet for your home, ask Archangel Ariel for guidance.
When you connect with her, imagine a pink ball of light in your heart expanding and surrounding you and your pet.


You can connect with your pet to create a healing anytime.

photolibrary_rm_photo_of_petting_cat#1 Ask your pet if they would like a healing.
#2 Breathe in and out, becoming aware you are in the present moment.
#3 Focus on being grounded in the stillness and setting your intention to help bring healing.
#4 Gentle strokes, hands softly over the body
from head to toe. Gently comb the animal if you like.
#5 Balance the Chi in the body, making the body whole and healthy.




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