First of all, I want to say thank you!

The kind words so many of you have shared with me after a reading fills my heart with gratitude.

It is my intention to support and empower you on your journey connecting with your loved ones, spirit guides and angels.

I am deeply touched and grateful for all your support.



It is always interesting when I see a pattern in my readings.  I understand this toadc1-300x219

be a sign and an opportunity to share with you messages from your spirit friends.

I have noticed more friends are coming though to offer messages of love and support.

After delivering a message from loved ones in spirit, the friends that have come through from the other side, have been from a long time ago.

For example, a old friend came through for my client, Susan. This friend of hers was from 20 years ago when they both attended the same college. They lost touch after they graduated, both moving on with career and family.

The message from her friend in spirit was to simply say hello and acknowledge her for being such a good friend and classmate.

The reading ended with Susan’s friend in spirit, sending her love and appreciation for being a compassionate and kind person here on earth.

Sometimes we receive messages from friends that have crossed over, that we did not know how much we touched their life.

No matter how much time has passed in earth time, our loved ones and friends, who have crossed over, continue to feel the love in our hearts.

In Gratitude,



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