Love is Eternal


The experience that my dear friend, Camille describes below is to remind everyone that our loved ones are always with us, no matter how long ago they passed. Their love for us is just as strong as when they were here in the physical.

Last December, 2014, I was speaking with my freind and psychic medium, Cheryl Murphy.
As we caught up on the day and our usual conversation we went into unusual territory for one of our daily talks by phone. 
heart-center-clouds_thumbIt happened to be my Dad’s birthday, December 18th – he had made his transistion to the otherside Feburary 1, 2001.
Cheryl heard me say it was his birthdate and she picked up on his energy.
She went further to say what he looked liked; a tall, dark haired man dressed in western ‘cowboy’ clothes and cowboy hat. 
But not a cowboy, rather an elegant man with long fingers neatly manicured. (That was my Dad!)
Then beside him my Grandfather appeared to her.
A taller, big man in overhauls. Yep! That him alright.
They were apologizing to me for their behavior toward me while in bodies. Wow! What a  longtime coming miracle heartrosehand250w2_150x150was this I heard?
Cheryl also said they were with me, assisting me.
Soon the things I am struggling with will be conquered…or something to that effect.  ( I wish I’d talked less and listened a bit harder for Cheryl to share her “vision” of what she was seeing from my Dad and Grandfather.)
Now my brother, Mike, has joined them a month ago, and I can just see the three of them hanging out,catching-up and making up after this last lifetime.
Thank you Cheryl for sharing your miraculous gift of sight with me. 
Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychic


Camille’s heart was open when she shared the fact that it was her father’s birthday.

Her father and grandfather seized the opportunity to come through and give her a powerful message of love and forgiveness.

This heart to heart connection with her family made this a very special reading.

Love is real and that is how we communicate with our loved ones in spirit, from the heart.



In light and love,






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