Live Laugh Love


Let yourself feel embraced by the Week 3 Hotline from the Heavens-1

energy of this ever so dynamic


Let life love you.

Let life in and show you all the wonderful experiences you are attracting. Take notice today that everyone who comes across your path has a message from the Divine.

Your answers will arrive today and will be there until you take notice of them.

Listen to them, for they could be in the vibration of the bird’s song. Feel them, for they could be in the wind that caresses your face. Hear them, for they could be in the laughter of a child’s voice.

Your  messages from the Divine show up in many ways. Open your intuitive guidance by sending your light and love out into the world and asking that only positive experiences come to you that would be for your highest good and the highest good for all.

Take notice in someone’s smile for they too are sending that stream of white light to the Divine and asking to receive higher guidance on their spiritual path.




divider background image 700wCheryl Murphy Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant PsychicCheryl Murphy is a Gifted Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. She is a heart centered healer and intuitive who helps many with key life issues. Her spiritual readings help those who suffer from grief and mourning and care to connect to loved ones that have passed. Her love psychic readings provide love help and assistance with issues dealing with love and relationships. If you are at a fork in the road, she can help make a decision by connecting you with your spirit guides, who here to assist you at important cross roads.

Though many of Cheryl’s clients interact with Cheryl remotely via phone or Skype, she is available for clairvoyant psychic readings, spiritual readings, and psychic predictions in person in the communities of Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Vail and Aspen, Colorado.

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