A Message From Your Loved Ones


If I can tell you one thing I know for sure about your loved ones who have passed over to the other side, is that theyomE4qUQ are alright. This is the first and most common question asked from my clients.  Your loved ones want you to remember them at their happiest times while they were on earth. The framed picture that you have of them wearing the beautiful outfit and smiling so proudly, that’s how they want you to see them now.

Another common question asked is do their loved ones know they are loved and they are missed. Yes, definitely.   They are happy for you and they want you to know their love for you lives on each and every moment.

Your loved ones are with you much more than you think. For example, one of my clients has a hobby of fixing up old cars and trucks. His mother is with him at those precise moments when he is enjoying his pastime. She is also aware of his daily concerns and worries. She wants him to know that he has so many wonderful experiences ahead, and encouraged him to follow his dreams.

Your loved ones do not want you to hold onto any guilt.. whatever kind that may be and from wherever it was created. Let it go….. Let it all go…. their wish for you is to enjoy your life! Do the things that you have always wanted to achieve. They are thrilled for you! They are right beside you when you need them.  They are watching over you and helping you soar!


Many Blessings,


divider background image 700wCheryl Murphy Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant PsychicCheryl Murphy is a Gifted Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. She is a heart centered healer and intuitive who helps many with key life issues. Her spiritual readings help those who suffer from grief and mourning and care to connect to loved ones that have passed. Her love psychic readings provide love help and assistance with issues dealing with love and relationships. If you are at a fork in the road, she can help make a decision by connecting you with your spirit guides, who here to assist you at important cross roads.Though many of Cheryl’s clients interact with Cheryl remotely via phone or Skype, she is available for clairvoyant psychic readings, spiritual readings, and psychic predictions in person in the communities of Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Vail and Aspen, Colorado.

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