A warm hello and a big thank you to those who shared their experiences with me as a result from reading my last blog:

“How to Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones.”

I wanted to share one of the heartfelt emails.

I did the mini practice with the white light . Visualized the light coming from the top of my head surrounding me and visualized it in specifically around my heart  expanding out. I felt warmth and slight coldness. I then prayed and ask if possible that any of my spirit guides of loved ones join me or come be with me. In my mind’s eye I could see my Grandad. There were a few loved ones that past on amongst him, however, grandad and grandma stood close to each other near me. Grandad greeted me, “You are much loved  V.”  

 images-3He reassured me that I am not alone and that which I want will materialize and he will help through God and the Angels for this to happen. He said that what I went through I should not of experienced, but things will change soon. He was not looking at me, because he felt how much pain I was in and he could see I was in tears. My grandma then held grandad’s arm. She drew close to him, smiled and reached out to me. She gave me a hug and she looked just like I remembered her. 

 I asked Grandad to look at me and he did .. He didn’t want to make me cry as he could feel my pain .. I’m glad he did .. I couldn’t stop crying .. I hugged him and felt so good. I thanked them both and waved them off .. Was very emotional but joyful experience and a true blessing. I must mention my grandad appeared to me before and I was told he was my spirit guide. I now have no more doubts . 

I feel the love and will channel more now than before . Thanks so much . 

God bless you for this additional simple practice . 

Love and light ❤️


Thank you V.C. for helping to share the grace of Spirit and remind us that LOVE is the most expansive, glorious energy that heals and connects us with our loved ones on the other side.


In Gratitude,