Make the Spiritual Connection

Your deceased loved are always with you. Sometimes it is hard to feel their love for us or sense they are around when our energy is low and rundown or when we are overcome with grief and sadness from our loss. What we really want to know from our deceased loved ones is are they OK and do they know we love them?

One way to help the healing process is to write a letter to your loved ones in spirit . Use this letter as a way to communicate your feelings of loss and express your emotions of love. Another way of remembering them is to plant a memory garden with their favorite flowers and surroundings. Place a bench or chair in this area so you can spend time in this sacred and special place.

There is infinite love and compassion in the spirit world. 

Your loved ones send signs all the time and it’s up to us to recognize them. When I see hummingbirds, I know my father is with me. One of my clients smells cigarette smoke in her home knowing it is her recently deceased husband, who smoked all the time. Another client sees rainbows and knows that is a sign from her father, who use to sing songs about rainbows to her when she was a little girl.

Many people think their loved ones go away and they will not be able to feel or sense their presence as time goes by. This is a fear for many people.

Quite the opposite is true. When you begin to connect with your loved ones on a spiritual level, you will become to know, sense and feel their love. infinite

While your loved ones on the other side are still learning and evolving as we are learning and evolving here on earth, you can begin to feel or sense their presence in different ways.

They are still with us, it is just that we need to learn another way of communicating with them. By learning how to expand your awareness and opening yourself intuitive senses, you will begin to feel your loved ones around you. When we open our natural six senses, when we become more aware there are other possible ways of communicating with our deceased loved ones, our world opens up and we are reassured that life goes on.

Know your deceased loved ones hear you. You can speak to them in your mind or out loud. A colleague of mine speaks to his mother as he drives to work on his commute each day. He tells her about his day at work, the challenges he is facing and the ideas he has for his future.  He feels the connection to his mother, which brings him peace knowing that she is with him.Your loved ones hear your thoughts, they know what is in your heart. They know what you’re going through in your life and they are supporting you each step the way.

 Love never dies.

The spirit world vibrates at a higher frequency than we do here in the physical. In order for us to feel and connect with our deceased loved ones, it is helpful to raise our vibration. Think of our vibration as a radio station. If our loved ones are communicating with us on radio dial 104.2 and we are tuned into 97.5, it is difficult to receive their messages and signs. If we raise our vibration by opening our hearts to the love we have for them, we can feel, sense and receive messages from spirit. One technique is to remember a fond memory of them. For example, my client’s uncle use to love mowing the lawn in his backyard. She would help him every spring planting flowers. This was something special they shared. Her remembering this beautiful experience would raise her vibration by opening her heart through this memory of love. That is where you can connect with your deceased loved ones.


When you want to reach your loved ones in spirit, take a few moments and sit quietly with your eyes closed. Imagine or visualize a glow of pure light in the your heart. Watch this brilliant light moving through you and surrounding you. Breathing naturally, see this light expanding all around you. Begin to notice that your intuition is becoming more aware of sounds and temperatures in the room. Fill this space with your love and prayers. Invite your loved ones in spirit to connect with you in anyway that is most appropriate for them. They may communicate with you be sending mental thoughts, memories, or loving emotions. You might feel or sense their loving energy in this space. You may even smell their fragrance or hear a certain sound that lets you know they are with you. When you feel the time is ending, send them love and thank them for making this connection with you.






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