MediumshipPeople who reach out to me are often seeking answers about loved ones who have died. You may wonder: Are they OK? Are they at peace? Do they know that they are loved and missed? Can they still offer me guidance?

As a medium, someone who can help you connect with those who have passed, I am gifted to help you find those answers and start to ease feelings of grief. My mediumship allows me to connect with the dead and ask and receive information from them.

Both skeptics and believers often ask how I receive these spiritual connections. When I communicate with your passed loved ones, they often appear near you as a silhouette or vibration, and I can sense certain characteristics that will help me confirm their presence. It may be clothing, mannerisms or a personality trait that helps to distinguish them from the so-called background noise.

I am able to communicate with your loved ones who have recently passed or may have been gone for many years. With each connection, love, light and compassion for healing radiate to help you understand that they have made it to the other side OK. When I help you by communicating with the dead, it brings to light that the power of love is just transitioning, not dying.

Spirit GuideWith an open mind and an open heart, my gifts of clairaudience (hearing spirits), clairvoyance (seeing spirits) and clairsentience (feeling spirits) can help you learn that your loved ones are OK. I can also help you communicate your continued love for them and even help you receive guidance from them.

When connecting to the spirit world, there is a great deal of comfort that comes from feeling closer to your loved ones that may be able help you cope with difficult times in your life. The reassurance that your loved ones are OK and they are watching over you is a beautiful benefit of making a spiritual connection.

When communicating with a loved one, we may learn that he or she is your spirit guide – your protector and supporter in times of difficulty. You can think of a spirit guide as your guardian angel. Spirit guides often protect you even when you are not aware and are waiting for you to make a spiritual connection with them.

With your permission, I can help you discover who your spirit guides are and help you befriend them, allowing you to connect with the spirits of those who are ready to assist you whenever you need help. Many feel that connecting with their spirit guide confirms existing choices, provides comfort in times of change and helps create a life of greater freedom.

It would be a privilege to work with you to make connections to your loved ones and your spirit guides, in the form of Reconnecting spiritual readings. My readings are available to help those who suffer from grief and mourning and can to connect you to your loved ones who have passed. If you are at a fork in the road, let me help you find the way through your difficult times.

Though many communicate with me via phone, email or Skype, I am also available for spiritual readings in person in the greater Los Angeles Area. To learn more, call me today at 970-987-4153 or send me an email at