If you are seeking to contact loved ones who have passed on, or are thinking about getting guidance in your life from beings in the spiritual realm, consider yourself blessed to be reading this now. You can trust Cheryl Murphy to help you do both. As they say, it is no accident you found this today.

Cheryl is what I would call an “evidence-based” medium. She gives you information that speaks to your experience, specifically and personally. Drawing upon her own intuition and psychic gifts, and her ability to be a clear channel for beings in the spirit world, she acts as a bridge between those here on earth and those who want to help us from higher dimensions.

In my sessions with Cheryl I found her to be loving, sincere, and right on target. The information she shared was personal and amazing, even to me who has no doubt that beings on the other side are right here and available to those who have developed, or were born with, abilities to hear them. If you are a person who has doubts but wonder if there is at least a possibility of contacting someone or getting answers that are eluding you, try it. You have nothing to lose and literally an entire new world to gain.

The information Cheryl passed on to me from the other side about an upcoming move and career change was precise and specific. But what touched me more were the personal messages from a loved one who recently passed on. Her unmistakable, personal, comforting and timely words left no doubt she wanted to talk with me as much as I wanted to talk with her.


Of course I would love to be able to hear my friend as I sit at my kitchen table, or ask her questions myself and get answers. Not being gifted with those skills, I need to rely on someone else for that communication. I feel blessed to have found a person I completely trust and honor to help me bridge the two worlds.

If you break down the word communication you get “come into union.” Cheryl has the pure heart, pure intention, and intuitive gifts that allow her to do just that, not only with you, but with her own Higher Self, your loved ones, your spirit guides, and other spiritual beings who watch and wait to be asked to help us from the other side.


The Big Island, Hawaii

Spirit lives on and love never dies.