Holding Divine Light

Thank you for participating last week in my 3 day meditation prayer circle, where we invited the Divine Feminine Energies to shower us with love and blessings.

I received several emails after each meditation. Your gratitude and appreciation touched my heart.

Many people told me they asked and prayed for help with physical healings, help in relationships, financial abundance and inspiration in starting a new business.

I want to share with you some of the experiences people had from this amazing group energy.

1aae83df74af4b3571c58fc1f0c20213This was a remote healing and blessing meditation. There was no registration for this free event, and there was not a phone number to call. This was a special event that took place where I suggested that you sit in meditation/prayer during this ceremony for  30 minutes, each of the 3 evenings.

Together, our energies grew exponentially in our asking for Divine Feminine Guidance as a blessing for ourselves, our family and friends.

I hope you found it to be a sacred experience.

Here are some of the amazing experiences that people shared with me in the following days after this event.

*Hearing(clairaudience) music in other realms, Ave Maria.

*Seeing streams of light(clairvoyance), like branches of a tree, connecting all of us in the group.

*Felt (clairsentience)soft energy washing over their hands and shoulders with holy water and oils.

*Received a sense of balance and overall well-being from this meditation. 

*Felt a spiritual bag of money being placed in each open palm. This person is expanding her company and asked for help with financial abundance.

Your prayers were received and blessed.

The Divine Feminine Energy holds you in the light and knows exactly what is in your heart.

Keep those emails coming and if there is a metaphysical topic that you would like to learn more about, please drop me an email.



In Gratitude,

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