Hi ,

I want to invite you to a prayer circle I am holding the next 3 evenings. I have been asked by my spirit guides to conduct a Divine Feminine Energy Prayer Circle, beginning tonight.

Youre-invitedThere is no charge for this event, it’s free.

For the next 3 evenings, beginning tonight from 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT, I will be in silent prayer asking the Divine Mother Mary energy to come through to provide a healing and blessing to everyone in this gathering.

This will be a powerful 30 minute meditation that you can do from your home, office or anywhere you will not be disturbed. Even if you have only 5 minutes, I believe you will connect with the most beautiful prevalent energies that are working with our planet at this most important time. 

You can join this circle and connect to this Mother Mary energy beginning tonight from 6:00pm- 6:30pm PDT.

Allow yourself 5 minutes or the full 30 minutes to join me in silent prayer meditation .

There is no phone number to call and there is nothing you need to do to join. There is no sign up sheet, just your intention to receive is enough.

Set your intention clocks for a wonderful opportunity to connect energetically in this spiritual and sacred event.e44a3c0204318d5dc878145ce31f3842

This request came to me in one of my recent meditations. Mother Mary poured her energy  of white light down through my crown chakra (on the top of head )and I felt her loving presence asking for this time to spend with you.

The Divine feminine energy, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Isis, Shakti brings compassion, healing, forgiveness and grace to you.  Ask for a healing at this time for you, for a loved one or pet.

Surround yourself with white light, take a deep breathe in and open your heart to receive this glorious and powerful higher guidance.

Say to yourself, ”I wish to receive. My heart is open to receive.”

You may ask for anything that you need help with. 

 Ask for clarity and greater spiritual awareness.  Ask for harmony, balance and grace to guide you. When you open your heart, you will begin to receive messages from spirit. This may come in the form of a feeling(clairsentience) or an image in your mind’s eye(clairvoyance). You may hear(clairaudience) a word or phrase. You may feel your auric field tingling and expanding as you become more aware to this magnificent source energy.

My intention is for you to feel and experience a quiet inner stillness that strengthens and empowers your
Spiritual Be-ing.

You are a magnificent creator and through love and pure positive energy, you will reconnect with the softness and innocence of who you truly are.

Awaken to your Sacred Self  to the Divine Creative Energy.


The more people that gather tonight and the next 2 nights for this prayer circle, the more powerful it will be for everyone, exponentially.

Give yourself permission to receive from Divine Intelligence.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

6:00pm – 6:30pm California

7:00pm – 7:30pm Colorado

8:00pm – 8:30pm Texas

9:00pm – 9:30pm New York

As always, have a journal to write down your experience and insights afterwards.

We all benefit through this gathering. Share your experiences with me through email. I will include them in next week’s blog.

Peace and Blessings,