3 Effective Ways to Connect to Your Guides


Are you looking for effective ways to communicate with your spirit guides?angel_healing_light

Are you ready to receive messages from your guardian angel?

Here are 3 meaningful techniques to help you:

#1) Make an Appointment with Your Spirit Guide-
By scheduling a time when you want to connect with spirit, you begin building your energy with anticipation for receiving messages. You will be thinking ahead of time about the questions you want to ask and more importantly,  setting your intentions for a successful outcome.
For example, schedule your meditation for the same time everyday… and pencil it in on your calendar…. make that telepathic phone call and ask your guides to meet for your 3:00pm meditation, choose a time that works best for you.

#2)Automatic Writing,
also known as free writing or spiritual writing…… is one of the best ways and the most fun to receive spirit’s messages.
The more you put pen to paper, the more information will flow from your hands.

 here’s how:
sit in your meditation and write the question:
“My spirit guide is with me now,”
When the word “yes”  flows from your hand…go ahead and write it down .
You will have more words flow from your hand, write them down and look at them after you finish your meditation.

write the next question:
“My guides are with me everyday.”
and when you feel, sense or hear the answer “yes’, write that down too…..your guides will add additional information, so let the hand flow and write down the words.

write your next question:
“My guides are here to help me.”
and of course, when you hear or sense the answer, “yes” write that down, add to the question… “My guide is here to help me with________,” and let your spirit guides fill in the blank.

#3) Grace and Gratitude
Always finish your automatic writing and your meditation with gratitude to your guides and angels.
Expressing sincere gratitude for the steps you’ve taken will open doors of opportunity and transformation.

Keep a spiritual journal and write down your experience.

Once you’ve had a chance to practice this exercise, I’d love to hear your feedback byleaving a comment to the many wonderful messages you received from Spirit.

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