The two questions asked most often about connecting with loved ones who have crossed over are:


1. Are they happy?

2. Are they around me?

The answer more often than not is the same for both….an resounding yes.

One of my most recent readings was with a young woman, who had lost her father four years ago.

 The message from her father came through loud and clear,”Honey, I have no regrets. I lived my life the way I wanted to and I am STILL enjoying myself (in the spirit world) the same way.”

This message seemed to bring happiness and acceptance to her. She understood what this message meant, because she knew how important it was to her father that he lived his life, his way.

Her father’s second wife, the love of his life, had passed away one year before he did. Now, he explained not only were they reunited, but also they could dance again to their favorite music. 

Often when a person comes through in a reading another close person comes through at the same time. In this reading the beloved wife also appeared and happily confirmed that they were together again.

His message to his daughter is that he is happy and he is actually doing many of the same things he was doing on earth. Even the things like playing golf, which he could not do in his later years, he has taken it up again and loving every minute of it. His energy was crystal clear coming through in our session together. He enjoyed his morning cup of coffee while sitting at the kitchen table. He enjoyed mowing the lawn and fishing, which was one of is favorite pass times.  He wouldn’t have changed a thing.

It is one of the great joys of what I do to be able to bring this kind of information and comfort to my clients, such as this young woman’s experience.

Peace & Blessings!

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