Cheryl Murphy – Medium Testimonial

“I was so distressed and worried for days. I had asked my husband’s wedding ring to be cleaned. I remember him taking it off, handing it to me, and me putting it something- I kept imagining a white cloth. A couple of days later, I couldn’t find it. This lasted nearly a week, and I grew more and more worried. I would not let him know yet. I looked in every single piece of luggage, purse, draws, just every I could think of, to no AVAIL


First of all, she gave me hope that it was in my home, which was great because I started to fear that I had taken it outside in my pocket.

Cheryl asked me if I had put it somewhere there are coins; She said she saw it around silver.

I went back to purses, linen closet, and my jewelry armoire.

I had already looked in a tall wooden tower of 4 wooden boxes. But, I took out the earrings and little bits of each one-1 by 1. And lo and behold, in the tiny “rubble” there was a smooth gold ring, and 3 coins, around it.

I picked up the ring and looked at it nearly in disbelief, as though it might not be THEE ring. IT was, and there were the silver coins.

How could I have missed it?

This happened within the hour of her text. And, It also prompted me to clean out a bunch of purses and the closet floor afterward and load up two bags of things to donate, to boot!

I usually don’t “believe in” psychics, but I had a great feel for Cheryl’s integrity and truth. Cheryl Murphy’s loving, caring, and obviously has a gift. – Ronnie C.