Founder of The Healing Prayer Circle Cheryl MurphyHealing prayer circles are becoming increasingly popular with a worldwide audience. 

So, What is a Healing Prayer Circle?

A healing prayer circle is a group of like-minded people, with pure intentions of creating spiritual healings and restoring harmony and balance through prayer and affirmations of peace and well being.

The intention in a healing prayer circle is to bring balance and strength to those individuals asking for a healing for individuals and situations. This may include health, finances, relationships or a difficulty on current career path. It is also attracting abundance of love and happiness and creating a more peaceful planet.

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Benefits of Joining a Healing Prayer Circle: 

  • Helps to strengthen intention with divine light and individual prayer.
  • The power of many creates a strong circle of healing, unconditional love, peace and compassion for all.
  • Brings a global circle of community and collective love and compassion to the world.
  • Opens your intuitive senses where you may feel this high vibration of divine love and sacredness within your heart.

One of my experiences in a healing prayer circle was helping another member’s family, who needed surgery. 

Here is her experience of how healing prayer circles have helped:

When my family member’s surgery went from a “safe” procedure to a dire situation, I immediately texted my friends for help!

My friends quickly put together several prayer circles.There are miracles all around you.

While my family member continued to be operated on, I felt the supportive & loving presence of spirit. Later, as I lay my hand on them for comfort, I could feel the prayers above us, so close.  As I asked silently for help & healing, the palpable energy of those prayers descended & surrounded my family member. I could feel the energy of spirit combine with the energy of all those prayers, & I became calm as I could sense help was with us.

I am so grateful to every person that had a healing thought & created a prayer. I personally know the power of prayer circles. So powerful & loving that it created healing energy that manifested & saved a precious life!

What is wonderful about a healing prayer circle is that every time you participate, you can include a different healing prayer and reading request.

Each month is an opportunity to receive spiritual healings and intuitive guidance.

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Join Cheryl’s Healing Prayer Circle

What happens in prayer is that if we ask, we can connect with our spirit guides and guardian angels who are praying right along side us. It is a spiritual phone call to the universe to ask the Divine Creator to watch over and send Divine light and magnified healing during this time of great need.

Your awareness may open to this magnified healing where you feel uplifted and touched by sense of appreciation and gratitude. Through healing prayer circles, the power of a group energy can accelerate and expand your intuitive senses for higher guidance.

Healing prayer circles are organic and authentic in the way each gathering brings new inspired energy which creates an inner strength of hope and insight

in a heart centered nurturing environment.

Healing prayer circles are not only for people have been spiritual their entire life, but also for people who have never participated in a spiritual circle and who are looking to begin their spiritual path. This is a great way to surround yourself with the light of Divine Consciousness and expand your intuitive opportunities to connect with an illuminating power greater than ourselves.

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See what others have to say about The Healing Prayer Circle:

“Cheryl, I experienced a really profound shift into what I could only describe as my own personal power. For years I have been struggling with financial concern and I know I have been blocking my own abundance and success in some unconscious way. I prayed for help with this.

4 days after the prayer circle I woke up a new person. I no longer had any worry about finances. I felt complete confidence in my ability to take care of myself, move forward in life and enjoy life worry-free again.

It is a significant shift in power. love and appreciation. I feel like the suppressed and repressed negative emotions behind this problem have been transcended.

This is huge!

Thank you for facilitating this powerful healing circle!”

Liz G.

“What a beautiful experience. When we were doing the Opening last evening, it felt like my stress level literally
dropped from a 10 to a 1. In honesty, I feel asleep maybe five minutes later and only woke up
with the Closing. But beautiful, peaceful and I so look forward to the replay! Thank you, Cheryl!”

Cathy G.

“Blessings and thank you again . Not sure if this is relevant but hardly remember my dreams . I feel after the recording it may be . I dreamed and it felt so real thus why I recall my dream . I saw my neighbor who was like a nan to me  in a form of a huge beautiful angel . She passed 3 tears ago . I forgot what she said sadly, but I felt positive . I saw myself in a huge home which was mine and my son was with me and saw two black spiders which i normally fear spiders.not sure the meaning .  I also saw a window broken that was pushed in and I wanted to fix it . 
I had to share thanks again . 
God bless you     
Infinite love and gratitude.” 

Blessings Vass C.


“I enjoyed the circle so much and felt wonderful to be connected to so many. The meditation was beautiful and I really needed that. Vic fit to enjoy some of it too. I very much appreciate your reading of my question about my mom-she’s so very special and I want her to be happy.
Vic and I were just talking this morning about how much we value your readings in helping us with this home selling and move for a new job. (I met with a lady at Stanford the director and she’s referring me for an interview with one of the doctors-just as you mentioned. There is another candidate interviewing—hope I get it and we sell our home in time!!!) amazing opportunities!!!

Thank you again.”

Faron M.