Feeling LostAre you feeling lost, stuck, or frustrated in your life? Are you having a hard time feeling inspired and vibrant? Maybe you’ve been through a big change in your life, or had to reevaluate what’s important to you. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might benefit from connecting or re-connecting with your spirit guide.

What Are Spirit Guides?

Our spirit guides are here to lead us in the right direction and give us a feeling of peace and comfort in times of great stress or uncertainty. Our guides are benevolent spirits who are each assigned to a human soul specifically, meaning that every person has their own unique spirit guide. You may even have many spirit guides, and they could be people who you knew in your lifetime but have passed or they could be a person you’d never met before, notes William Stillman writing in The Huffington Post.

Spirit guides are a little bit different than guardian angels. Usually, spirit guides are souls who once walked the earth, who have passed away and moved on. They are spirits who are here to support us through the difficult times that life can bring and who still remember their own experiences in life that can help those whom they guide. You may have one spirit guide for your whole life or you may have dozens – it depends on you, and the situations that you go through. Sometimes, you’ll have a spirit guide for a specific situation, who will be with you through it and help you through the difficult time or problem before moving on. A different spirit guide will then take his or her place.

Guardian angels, on the other hand, are angelic spirits who are with us from the moment we are born until the moment we join them beyond. They are of the angelic realm, and in most cases, never walked the Earth as a human. Our guardian angels are here to protect us from physical harm and guard our souls from evil.

When you’re going through something that you need help or guidance with, your spirit guide is always with you. But it can be hard to understand the signs they are giving you to help you make decisions and find comfort. That’s where I can help.

Spirit GuideConnecting With Your Spirit Guide

During a reading or a guided meditation, I can help you interpret signs that your spirit guide may be giving you. One of the first steps in connecting with your spirit guide is first determining his or her name or names. If you’ve always had a name stuck in the back of your head or felt very connected to anyone with a specific name, that could be the name of your spirit guide. Working with me can help you confirm this!

Once you have their name, you’ll be able to speak directly to your spirit guide and recognize their existence and influence in your life. That’s the first step towards understanding and connecting with your spirit guide. You may feel a good presence with you during an important moment in your life or experience a sensation – like ringing in your ear – while you’re thinking about your spirit guide. You could even experience a flash of light or suddenly be hit with a delicious smell from out of nowhere that indicates that your spirit guide is nearby.

The next step may be to learn how to read the signs that they are giving you. If you’ve ever looked at a something – it could be something as silly as the back of a cereal box – and learned or realized something that was meant to be, that could be a sign from your spirit guide. If you have a moment of clarity when you are feeling extremely at peace and comforted, it could be the work and influence of your spirit guide sending you a sign to help you make a big decision in your life. Learning to recognize these occurrences will make you more open to seeing the signs your spirit guide is giving you – and the signs are all around us, every day.

Once you learn to experience the presence of your spirit guide, name him or her, and learn to look for the signs that they give you, you’ll experience an incredible comfort in your life, both in times of great sadness or stress and in times of great joy. Being connected with your spirit guide will help you experience your life more fully, without fear as to what the future holds, helping you feel more comfortable and confident each and every day.

PurposeThere’s a reason you’re reading this page on this day in your life. Maybe your spirit guide is trying to tell you that it’s time to reconnect. Let’s find out.

For more information on connecting with your spirit guide, head over to our spirit guide page. Watch the video, and listen to one person’s story of encountering and connecting with her spirit guides. If you’re interested in meeting with me to help you connect, give me a call today at 970-987-4153 or book an appointment online now.