Check out my latest interview from Miguel Amado and MysticMag!



This week Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Cheryl Murphy, a medium and psychic that has great online presence and helps people all over the world. Check out our conversation!

Please present yourself to our audience.

My name is Cheryl Murphy, and I am a medium and a psychic. I help people connect with their loved ones who have departed the physical Earth, but I do help present evidence that life is eternal and that the spirit does survive the physical death.

I also do my psychic working, helping people with their current life decisions or needing help or guidance. I can help validate or confirm whatever they are picking up intuitively. I’ve been also working as a wellness and health intuitive: I’ve been helping people with ailments or emotional blocks, or pain they are having. This is a great part of my recent practice.

Do you believe psychic abilities and mediumship are skills that you can ignite and work on for every person?

I do. I like to tell people it is like working a physical muscle. If you go to the gym and work on them, you are going to develop them. It is just like psychic and mediumship abilities: if you practice a lot, you will open up those abilities and increase your intuition.

You offer many types of readings. What are people looking for, especially in these difficult days?

A lot of the questions I get right now are around career. A lot of change is happening, and people want to know if they are on the right path. The main topic is that people are opening up their own businesses and ventures, and want to know if they can manifest their own ideas. What I am here to do is to help them see or expand their vision on how they can go about doing that.

Overall, people want to know if they are going to be successful and able to support themselves and their families. Even if they change jobs or need to relocate, they want to know if that would be a good move for them. Right now, I got a lot of questions right now, so there’s a lot of renegotiating. People are thinking about their lives and what they want to look like.

Believe it or not, animal communication is also a path in which I help people: I can help people connect to the spirit and the personality of pets, either living or deceased, help explain what their nuance, needs and messages might be.

Do the online meetings work for you or do you prefer in-person meetings and readings?

Online has worked out so well for me and for the people I work with. This is why people can work from the comfort of their own home, they don’t have to travel or pay the cost of seeing me in-person.

I do feel they are secure, their energy is open, they are more comfortable. There is something to working online or by phone. It does help people understand that energy and love are universal, and as long as we are connecting with it with the right intention, it is really serving us for the highest good.

How do your experiences in Brazil and Germany work for you and differentiate you from others?

I’m very grateful for both of my experiences. Germany really helped me understand meditation, the power of prayer, the goal of working in the silent and in the stillness. With Brazil, I walked away knowing there are so many different modalities of healing, of working with the spiritual world. There is so much of a variety and so heartfelt.

Brazil has very old energy. It’s been around for a while with the power of the spirit world, and there was so much to learn in each place or person I visited. I worked with more trance energy, more channelling energy and watched mediums and spiritual workers incorporate those energies and bring them through with such knowledge and so much power.

Do you have a special message for our readers in these difficult times?

It is so difficult for people right now. I just want to tell everyone it is such an important time to realize how much of a creator we are. We are so powerful in what we are creating, and this is the time to really ask yourself through meditation or just sitting in the silence and taking a breath or two: what is important to your life?

Not only what’s important, but what are we grateful for. Because we are creating with every thought, feeling and action we have. So, let’s create more gratitude for what we do in this world, and that will open doors to more that we can manifest, and more love we can bring – not only to our families and friends, but to our community.