On last Sunday night’s Healing Prayer Circle, I asked the group this question, “What is Your Soul’s Purpose?” Most people answer this question by thinking of what they do for their job or career.

The answer does not have to be about the doing-ness of something, it is also about the being-ness of everything and realizing you are a limitless spiritual being.

Actually, your soul’s purpose can be many many things.

One of your soul’s purpose could be that you were meant to be a teacher or parent. Perhaps, one of your soul’s purpose can also be to awaken to your brilliance with an open mind and open heart, to work on patience and love. Maybe your soul’s purpose is to be kind and compassionate to yourself and others.

Take some time to reflect and remind yourself of the many aspects of your soul’s purpose.
You may find that your awareness of your soul’s purpose has changed and expanded.

I just finished with you in the HPC, and even though I’ve gotten in the practice of meditations and such, here you come & somehow share how you share with us (me) in love & grace, & it comes and lifts me up to a higher level ✨