Clairvoyance, also known as “Clear Sight”, or “Inner Sight,”  is the most popular of the clair’s.

The term clairvoyance is French.  Clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision.”

It is the psychic ability, using our sixth sense to see mental images of the past, present and future. For example, when you lose your car keys and you get a mental image of where you placed them. Or, another example is when you are driving and there is a car accident ahead of you that you do not see, but you get a flash of  this image in your mind’s eye. That is clairvoyance. It is a natural ability that you can develop and strengthen on a daily basis. 

Also known as second sight, many people have an increased ability of clairvoyance as part of their job. For example, interior decorators use clairvoyance. They envision how they would like a room they are decorating to look. Artists, such as painters, sculptors and musicians are clairvoyant. Musicians see the musical notes in their mind’s eye before they write them down on paper and artists paint through inspiration using their clairvoyance in sculpting and color choices.

Clairvoyance is easy to develop and is something that you can practice everyday.


Fun exercises to begin opening your clairvoyance.

1) Imagine or visualize yourself at a clothing store. Each shirt you see has a color of the rainbow. Begin by looking at the red shirt, next you see an orange shirt. Follow the colors of the rainbow and you will see a yellow shirt next, then green, blue, indigo and violet. This is a fun exercise and you can always revisit this clothing store in your mind’s eye and see these colors become more vibrant each time.

2) Another exercise is when you receive a monthly utility bill, try to guess at the amount the bill before you open it. Or, when the waiter delivers the check to your table at a restaurant, guess how much the total amount is before you look. 

3) A third exercise is to imagine what color of outfit your co workers are wearing to work that day. Before you arrive, see with your mind’s eye, what color or style of shirt each person is wearing. If you have a meeting with a person whom you have never met, imagine what color they might be wearing for that meeting.

Affirmations help to strengthen and broaden your intuitive abilities on many levels. Keep a reminder on your desk or say affirmations before you go to bed.

“I am profoundly clairvoyant. It is easy for me to see.”

“My clairvoyant abilities are opening more everyday.”

“I am clairvoyant. It is safe for me to see.”


There are other clair’s that may compliment and add to your clairvoyant practice.  It is possible to receive messages from the spirit world using more than one clair at a time. For example, in one of my recent readings, I  first saw (clair-voyance) an image which was a coffee cup, then I sensed a taste or aroma (clair-gustance), which was the taste of fresh brewed coffee in this case, then I heard (clair-audience) the word, “every morning.”
For this person, it was their father, who came through from the other side to communicate how much he enjoyed his morning cup of coffee as he read his newspaper each morning. 

Clairvoyance and all the clair’s are a psychic muscle. Just like exercising your physical body, the more often you exercise and practice opening your clairvoyance, the stronger you will become.

Practice everyday if you can!

In Love and light,




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