Q & A with a Medium

Many people want to connect with a medium to help them communicate with their loved ones on the other side. 

Receiving a reading from a medium helps to bridge the communication of those who have transitioned to the other side with those who are here in the physical. 

People send me questions wanting to know a little more about the spirit world to help them feel more comfortable before scheduling their appointment for a spiritual reading.


       Here’s a few questions they have and my explanation about a reading. 
     These are brilliant questions and many people share the same concerns.


Q:  From what I have read, this can be done over the phone? So I can contact a lost loved one without physically being with a medium?

A: Yes! Phone readings are a great way to connect with the spirit world and you do not need to be with a medium.
Energy travels through the phone just as well as an in person reading.
Phone readings can be more objective than an in-person reading, because the medium is not distracted by the appearance, physical emotions or facial expressions of the client.

Q:  In participating in this communication, will I be putting myself in any danger regarding who I am contacting, and if that makes me vulnerable to a different kind of spirit that could potentially cause harm? 

A: You are safe. It is all about setting our intention. That is the most important step(key) in connecting with the dearly departed.
If our intention is from our hearts, and we ask for the highest good to come, then we will be in good hands, God’s hands.


Q:  Can I contact 3 lost loved ones at the same time? Or would that have to be separate?
A: We will ask those 3 people to come through for you and many of them do. We do not have control over the spirit world and we must believe that the ones that want to come through, will do just that. And the ones with the most important message for you at this time will come through. Spirit is very eager to talk with us and help us with any concerns and challenges we are facing. Yes, you can connect with more than 1 spirit in a reading.
Some people have many loved ones and friends on the other side, and some people have 1 or 2 people who have passed.

A recent example is when I had a client ask me to bring through her mother, and grandmother. After messages were received and shared, we asked if anyone else would like to come through.

The woman I was helping was Italian, and had a big Italian family on the other side. Lots of uncles and aunts. Many relatives came through. It was a spiritual family reunion!  Her uncle was the spokesperson for a couple of the family members. If they were loud in the physical, they will most likely have that same loud personality on the other side. It was a heartwarming  and joyful experience. They came through to say hello or give a quick message. Saying hello is the message, by the way. Some loved ones just want you to know they love you, they are here and they acknowledge your love for them.
In love and light,





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