I recently had a discussion with a new client, Cindy, who is developing her mediumship connection to communicate with her deceased loved ones.
She expressed that listening to spirit is like trying to receive water from a firehose… it comes in so fast that it is difficult to receive the huge volumes of information being conveyed.
She also likened the completeness of any medium in receiving every particular message to being in a wind tunnel and trying to catch dollar bills as they fly past you.  In this example, each dollar bill is a bit of information spirit is wanting you to know.   Even the best mediums can truly only grab so many “dollar bills” in a single session.
Cindy suggests that in some cases it may be best to have your connection over a couple of sessions or use different mediums.  Either option can be of great value when you realize and receive validation or even more details of the message truly intended for you.


Thank you Cindy for sharing your experience to connecting with your loved ones on the other side. I know these examples will help other people realize there are many different ways to connect with the spirit world.

Sometimes it is easier to have a medium help you connect with your deceased loved ones. Because there is so much information and as Cindy stated, each reading will be different. Energy from the spirit world can move swiftly!

My wish for you is that your vibration increases and expands during and after a spiritual reading. Also, that you become more open to recieving messages from your loved ones and that this energy only strengthens your connection to the spirit world.

Through sharing our experiences, our work with Spirit will continue to grow, change and evolve to a higher vibration.

If you have a question or an experience that would be helpful to share, please send your information to: cheryl@psychicmediumcherylmurphy.com



With Love and With Gratitude,



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