A Medium’s Message

Do our deceased loved ones live forever?

Do they know how we feel?

Do they see us in our lives today?

I am asked these questions everyday in my work, and I enjoy answering them again and again, as I know this is one thing we are all wondering. The answers help us open our hearts to connect to our loved ones who have passed away.  (Sometimes the answer comes a little different each time, but the message is still the same.)

I wanted to let you know that your loved ones, on the other side, stand beside you, support you and watch over you. 

1426728_879884108791511_3066188283023324075_nYour loved ones are always with you. For example, they know even the daily mundane things as when you have a your doctor’s appointment coming up, or are redecorating your kitchen, or recently painted your bathroom yellow.

It is the little things that we don’t think our deceased loved ones know about us, but through my experience as a medium, I have helped deliver spirit’s messages to family members here on earth.

 I have the privilege to speak with many people about their family and friends on the other side. This heart to heart connection is not something I take lightly. It is a true valor of love, honesty and sincerity that my clients share with me, hoping to connect with their deceased loved ones. During a reading they open up their hearts, share their love and joy, and sometimes their pain.

This brings heart to heart conversations with people about their grief, their loss and sometimes their healing.

Recently, during a long drive, my father who passed several years ago, came to me Stairway-to-Heaven-Loved-Ones-Bclairaudiently(clear hearing). He told me there was an accident ahead and to be very careful. Sure enough 30 minutes later I saw an ambulance vehicle stopped ahead. There were paramedics in the street right in front of me with broken glass and damaged car parts all over the road. Being forewarned I was able to drive around the accident slowly and carefully. 

My own father was watching over me in this case just as your loved ones are always watching over you.

With love,


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Cheryl Murphy Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant PsychicCheryl Murphy has studied metaphysics for over 20 years including international studies in Brazil and Germany, as well as seminars and classes in Colorado, New York and California. She has oriented her practice as a spiritual medium towards channeling loved ones who have passed over, and psychometry. She is a clairvoyant, energy healer, and ordained minister, as well as a certified hypnotherapist and an intuitive facilitator.

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