Hello Angel Friends,

I want to share with you a wonderful experienceiStock_000006117735XSmallthat I had the honor and privilege to witness in one of my readings.

It was about forgiveness.

I was connecting my client with her father who had passed 1 year ago. Her father came through stronger and stronger
as we sat together for this sacred experience.

He began by talking about his many patterns of behavior that he had here on earth and the business people he associated with.

He was a man of control and great pride in being the sole provider for his family.

My client asked her father for forgiveness that she was not by his bedside
during his passing, an agreement that they made together as the time drew closer
Because of other family matters that came up, she had left his side 2 days
before his physical death.

“But you were there..” his response came through.
“You helped me cross over with your love, my little eagle,” a nickname he gave
her when she was a little girl.

I witnessed her guilt drop off her shoulders like dropping a heavy blanket to the floor.

Her light grew from dimly lit to a shinning glow of brilliance
and acceptance that she heard from her father. All she wanted was for him to
know that she loved him still.

She instinctively sat up in the chair a little straighter.

She was able to sense the lightness of this healing and releasing
of guilt she had been carrying since her father’s passing. 

In love and light,

P.S. If you’re ready to experience forgiveness from a loved one who has crossed over,
it is my honor to help facilitate the connection.

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