Hi Friends,

 What is it that you are co-creating today? Are you creating a fabulous day at work? A wonderful evening mealimages-7 planned with your family? Or, are you creating some special time for yourself relaxing with a good book? Because we are all vibrational beings, we are manifesting our own reality.  We are co-creators with the universe.
I want to give you an exercise so you can see just how powerful such spiritual vibrations can be to help you feel heart-centered in your soul.  Think of it as a spiritual tune-up.
Pick a word for the day and practice seeing, hearing and feeling the vibration of this word.  For example, the word I chose for myself today is LOVE. When I recited this word on my daily walk, I sensed everything and everyone around me filled with love. The repairman I passed, the children heading to school, everything and everyone around me were all expressing the vibration of love.
You can also choose a theme for the day and repeat it over and over as a mantra. For example, the James Taylor song, “Shower the People You Love With Love,” you create and attract to you the vibration that the words convey.
Tomorrow, begin your day with one of these words in your mind and watch, hear and feel how you experience them. Practice this throughout the day.
The vibrations of these words or mantra will be a reminder that all the super fabulous wonderful people and things in this world are a vibrational match with you.
Then, at the end of the day recite to yourself,
 In love and light,
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