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At a Fork in the Road but Ready to Take the Road Less Traveled

Standing in Your Truth is Your Authentic Superpower with guest Cheryl Murphy

Join me with guest Cheryl Murphy talking about how everyone has intuition, intuitive sense they can use to help guide them on their path to attain their wishes and desires. Cheryl grew up psychic, even though it was not discussed outside their household because no one else was talking about this subject during her school years. Her great aunt was hired by the government to find a missing Airforce pilot and plane that was in a large mountain range. The women of her family were very intuitive and as a child,  she would be part of some of their conversations. For many years Cheryl worked regular jobs during the day and did readings on the weekends. One day her angels came to her and communicated that helping people and serving spirit was to be her full time career.

Cheryl now does medium and psychic readings for individuals and groups via Zoom and phone. She has her Circle of Love readings monthly: a small group of 8 people where everyone is guaranteed a reading. She is the founder of The Healing Prayer Circle, a weekly FREE online community of Healing, Hope, Meditation and Transformation. Cheryl is also a volunteer and a member of, which helps find missing persons and bring resolution and closure to their families. She is very passionate about helping people understand their connection to spirit and always tries to empower people by helping them develop their intuitive senses.

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