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My client, Becca, was very kind to share her experiences from our reading together last week. Her testimonial of messages and confirmations from Spirit reveal some of the many different ways the spirit world uses to get our attention.


Over the past year or so, I feel as though I’ve been going through a spiritual awakening. I’ve become much roundcube-2more interested and in tune with the metaphysical, intuition, our eternal and divine nature as spiritual beings, mediumship, psychics, etc. Recently, this interest has specifically sparked my curiosity about who my spirit guides might be as well as connecting with a friend of mine who passed away a few weeks ago, and after a search online, I came across Cheryl.

I had never before spoken with a medium or psychic. At the time, I thought Cheryl was living in Basalt, Colorado, and was fully intending on setting an in-person reading with her, but one day while out and about in a nearby town (20-30 minutes away from Basalt), I instead popped into a “walk-ins welcome” type psychic place. Long and really crazy story short, I left with a very weird experience and was feeling a little uneasy.

I literally pulled my car over into a parking lot and pulled out my phone and contacted Cheryl, who cheerfully answered, generously chatted with me for 25 minutes or so to “smooth out my ruffled feathers” if you will from the bizarre encounter with this prior psychic, but informed me she was actually now living in California, but frequently does phone or Skype readings. I set up an official reading with her via phone for a few days later.

Where do I start. WOW. Apart from first and foremost being warm, friendly, compassionate, and obviously caring which is something you pick up the moment you speak with her, she has an incredible gift of mediumship and connecting spiritually and energetically.

Right off the bat, she said, “I’m seeing you have a brother. There’s a lot of friction there. He has a lot of anger toward you, like he’s carrying a chip on his shoulder. It’s connected to his ego, like he’s choosing to carrying around this heavy ball and chain.” Whoa – I have had no contact with my brother, mother, or father in going on two years after a very tumultuous relationship with them all growing up, and it’s essentially left as just a bad blood situation that did not end well. I have cut ties with them ever since. She had absolutely no way of knowing any of this.

She went on to say, “You’re too smart or too aware, and it’s like you’re blood relatives but it’s just not a healthy environment for you to be around them. Like why put yourself through it?” Which is exactly what my husband and I have said about the situation.

Cheryl was able to connect with my friend who had recently passed, a girl named Jordan. I was able to gain some clarity or explanation to how she had passed which at this point had remained a bit of a mystery to even her family (it was a very sudden and unexpected passing). She also passed along a message that Jordan was very adamant that “I was not to be driving this old truck,” which at the time I didn’t get. Cheryl asked if we owned an old truck, like an old Ford pickup, and I said my husband did have a truck but it’s not that old and is a GMC – I never drive it. The only other old vehicle we just got is a 1989 Fleetwood Jamboree RV. She said, “Hm. Well Jordan is very adamant that it is not safe, something about the brakes, you are not to be driving this old truck.”


roundcube-1   Later while speaking with my husband to tell him about my reading, he stopped and said, “The RV is a Ford.” Whoa! After that, I asked my spirit guides/Jordan for “an unmistakable, definite lead that the RV was the ‘old truck’ in question.” The next day while driving to a hair appointment, I pass a Jamboree, immediately followed by another RV that was a Fleetwood. Message received, loud and clear! Amazing!

I asked Jordan for any signs or symbols for when she was around, like a “yoo hoo!” of sorts. Cheryl said a few things: “You know when there are a ton of birds around?” The past 4 or 5 days, there have been SWARMS of birds outside my house – I had even mentioned it to my husband. She went on to say, “Or the surprised feeling you get when a bird flies into your window, like a surprising, unexpected knocking sound – that’s her. Also she said wooden crosses – she’s showing me a little bit of a non-traditional cross, like a wooden cross on a leather necklace. And also pay attention to when you hear her name in a song, or on the news – pay special attention to the context and you may get a message through that.”

The next day, I was at brunch, and while walking past the open window to the kitchen to grab silverware, an employee in the kitchen was tossing a balled up towel to another person or into the sink and yelled, “JOOOOORDAAAAAAN!”  That same day, I was in Wal-Mart gathering some supplies for writing letters (pens, stickers, envelopes, etc.) and I looked up and saw a sheet of stickers that were wooden crosses.

It gets crazier.

Today (two days after my reading), my husband and I hiked with our dogs, and we decided to go all the way back to this pond nearby, and then up the hill halfway around the pond where we would then turn around and head back. The moment we turned to head back, we hear this relentless barking begin. We turn around thinking maybe there’s an injured dog that way and we begin walking toward it to investigate. The barking continues, non-stop.

Finally I see the source of the incessant barking – I look up the hill into the trees, and there’s a coyote standing in front of a WOODEN CROSS (this is in the middle of wilderness by the way) barking at us. It’s not acting afraid, aggressive, confused – it was literally barking at us to get our attention. We stand at the bottom of the hill looking up toward it as it continues to bark and bark and bark at us. Our dogs are not alarmed at all – pretty uncharacteristic, as normally they would react in some fashion with barking, growing, focusing their attention on it, raising their hackles – they expressed no alarm whatsoever.

It was so weird. I felt compelled to approach this coyote. We began walking up the hill toward it and the cross. It continued to bark relentlessly and as we got closer, began walking/trotting (not running) and leading us up the hill, pausing to look back at us almost as if to ensure we were still coming, barking all the while. It did this all the way up to the very top of the ridge where it finally stopped barking and was out of sight with the thick brush. We were at the top of the peak and had an absolutely stunning view. It was such a bizarre and incredible experience. I don’t completely understand it, but the wooden cross that it led us to initially has to be some sort of crazy spiritual symbol involving Jordan in some way. Who knows!


Cheryl was able to tell me who two of my spirit guides were and what their messages were for me and how to identify signs or symbols of when they’re around. One of these spirit guides was Joan of Arc, who physically speaking would appear as a female warrior, like a chivalrous knight with a sword. Cheryl said I would begin seeing more “knights in shining armor” whether it be toys or posters or cartoons, etc. Low and behold, THAT evening I was watching an episode of “Wet Hot American Summer,” and a rock and roll band called The Rocking “Knights” of Summer. The word “KNIGHTS” was painted on the wall with swords on either side, clear as day for several frames of the scene.

She also connected with my dogs, sharing unbelievably uncanny details about their lives with me and our relationship. She said, “You’ve added something new to the bedroom recently?” and I said, “Yes, I’m a serial dog bed-buyer, haha! I just purchased a large memory foam dog bed that is placed on the left side of our bed,” and she said the dogs loved it and they love that room. Haha! She said my dogs wanted me to stop looking at my feet when I walk with them everyday, and to look “heart first” or look forward and around. Uncanny, because my husband and I always talk about how I look directly down at where my feet are stepping when I’m on the move, as opposed to looking at my surroundings.roundcube

I could go on and on and on. I feel charged up, highly connected, and surrounded by love since our reading. There are so many incredible things Cheryl picked up on, was able to share knowledge or insight into, and help provide confirmation or understanding. I literally cannot wait for my next reading, and I am sure I will become a regular client.

If you’ve been looking for clarity, advice, insight from your higher self or spirit guides, would like to connect with loved ones, or if you’re just curious about what might be beyond the physical, I highly recommend speaking with Cheryl Murphy. It’s an incredible experience that will enrich your life and help open the doors to more meaning, clarity, miracles, and experiences.

Becca Switzer
Gypsum, CO


We are hoping that by sharing Becca’s experience, this will remind you that you are greatly loved, you are not alone, and you will be amazed by Spirit’s gracious signs and symbols in letting all of us know that our loved ones are alright on the other side.




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