What is your intention for today? What worlds do you want to set in motion by calling forth your deepest desires to manifest in our physical world?

Setting intentions aligns your desires with the outcome you want.

Did you know that you are creating every minute of everyday? Consciously or by default, you are creating. What will you create today in this very moment?

What is your Intended Outcome that you want to manifest?

Maybe your intended outcome is a great job that provides you more time to spend with your family? Or maybe you want less stress in your life or more money to travel?

For example, my friend manifested an apartment that is only 10 minutes from her work, exactly what she wanted.  She turned her desires into things(the apartment) by taking the necessary steps to manifest.

First, she imagined the desire and intended outcome to live closer to her employment because she was tired of sitting in traffic for over an hour, five days a week to commute. She set a goal for herself to make the move, which is a dream with a timeline, in her case it was 4 months. Second, she knew where she wanted to live and how much she wanted to spend on rent. Third, she took action by driving around the area to see more clearly where she wanted to live and looked at a couple of apartments to see what was available and to get a better feel for the area.


Results: She found a brand new apartment building located  less than 10 min from her work. She has made several new friends in her building and enjoys having new exciting things to do in this part of town.

Bottom line is she manifested the intended outcome before saw saw it in the physical by knowing what she wanted and visualizing herself in an apartment having fun and being joyful. She focused her energy by setting a timeline when she wanted to make this move. She also imagined the feeling of what it would be like to have less stress from not sitting in traffic and how she would have much more energy for herself and her family.

The universe is responding to your Vibrational Request.

Put your attention on your intentions and you will attract an abundance of health, love, finance and family. Step into your greatness and you will see results manifest in the physical world. You will move into this flow of creating by imagining the intended outcome.




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