Recently, I had the privilege and pleasure of seeing 2 of the most popular mediums from the UK here in California. Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell are both gifted mediums and genuinely wonderful people to meet. They presented an evening of mediumship readings and workshops during this 3 day event. They each gave a mediumship demonstration and then they worked together on stage and linked together (intuitively) to the same spirit to offer joint messages to members in the audience.

I have met Tony Stockwell before in New York at The Omega Institute, where he taught a tranceth-5 mediumship class. It is a special treat to see Tony again. His open heart and sweet sincerity come across very easily to everyone in the audience. His English humor and quick wit  does keep the demonstration relaxed and easy to follow. Tony was amazing in his ability to translate the love and warmth of the spirit’s messages to their loved ones who are here in the physical. Tony always says, “You can not die for the life of you.”

This was the first time to meet Lisa Williams in person. I am a fan of hers from watching her on t.v. interviews and her television show, “Voices From the Otherside,” which aired in 2008. She is funny and outgoing, eventhough she says that she is shy when not on stage.

th-6When Lisa gives her readings, she becomes a spiritual teacher.   She explains what the spirits, who want to come through, are doing. For example, she mentions “Gate Crashers,”  often. These are spirits who do not want to wait their turn and step forward in the middle of her reading with another spirit.  She thanks them (out loud) for coming, but tells them to take a number and step back in line, just like in a deli sandwich shop. She is very funny.

Lisa also teaches what the term “Piggybacking” means. You may have heard this term used by other mediums, or you may have had this experience in your own readings.

Piggybacking is a term used when multiple spirits come through at the same time who passed from similar circumstances.f21339_1259546562

For example, Lisa brought through a young male spirit, who committed suicide. He had come through to give a loving message that he was O.K. to his best friend, who was sitting in the audience. At the same time, Lisa felt another male spirit, who passed the same way, come through to give messages of love to his mother, who was also in the audience.

When Lisa and Tony teamed together to give messages from the other side, this term is called “Linking In.” They are linking their energy, (imagine a chain link on a bracelet or necklace), to connect to the same spirit in order to bring further messages to someone in the audience.

This was extraordinary to watch. They brought through a woman, who’s life was taken, and delivered messages to her relative in the audience. This spirit was teaching all of us at the same time. She said that however your life ends here on earth, you are still a whole spirit on the other side. You are well again. If you were in a wheelchair on earth, you do not have a wheelchair anymore in the afterlife.  If you had an illness or an amputated limb in the physical body, you no longer have any illness or any loss of limb on the other side. However the circumstances are surrounding your passing, you do not have that illness or that injury once you have crossed over. Your spirit body is whole, healthy and vibrant.

It is important to remember that the messages anyone receives during these readings, are also messages meant for many of the audience members, who can relate or connect with the messages being delivered. The loving spirits who have crossed over, want to share their lessons and descriptions of what is important for all of us to know.


Lisa and Tony have many more events scheduled in the USA this year.
Visit their websites for more info.





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