SuperMoon and Chinese New Year!


The next time we will have 2 supermoons in one month will be in January 2018.

Alignment is the vibration that keeps coming up for this new year.Set Your Dreams in Motion with this Month's New Moon

In addition, the Chinese New Year begins January 31, 2014, the Year of the Horse.
It too brings alignment in our creativity, vitality and manifestation.

This new year and this supermoon add to the dynamic fireworks that set off the extraordinary active vibration that moves us forward.

There is joy in creating!

2014 brings favor to our enthusiasm in manifesting our future. We are becoming more and more  aware that we hold the magic of the universe in our hearts and minds.
We are beginning to see more clearly that compassion and forgiveness are the keys to unlocking our inner vision of what is possible. We can see the bigger picture of where we stand as a world community.

This year has more of a friendly and gregarious nature around it where we can grow in our personal development.
We are remembering to take simple steps of action to make what we create, our own.
We are remembering how to harvest our authentic beauty.
We have an eagerness to pay it forward knowing that when we help another, we help ourselves.

Consider this year to be your opportunity for alignment and the focus of your heart’s desires.

Use inspiration as your guide to manifesting your future.



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Cheryl Murphy
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